Yes, There Is Such Thing as a Butter Mill — and Amazon Shoppers Swear by This $20 Version

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Let’s be real: For most of us, mornings are a drag. Now, I’m not talking to those of you who roll out of bed at 5:00 a.m., hit a quick hour-long gratitude session, and answer emails while doing a wall sit. I’m speaking for the rest of us — for everyone who, like me, is desperate for every hack, trick, and gadget they can get their hands on to streamline their otherwise sluggish mornings. This can be as high-tech as a splurgy programmable coffee machine that has a piping-hot pot ready for you when you wake up, or as simple as a personal blender that lets you prep your breakfast the night before. 

Speaking of breakfast, toast is usually an easy option for those of us who aren’t moving at full speed in the wee hours of the day. And, while we have plenty of suggestions on the best toasters and toaster ovens to snag, there’s also the question of how best (and most easily) spread butter on said toast. Enter, your new best friend in the kitchen (and probably in life): the Butter Mill

This innovative kitchen gadget is proudly designed in the USA and is one of the easiest and most fun ways to effectively spread butter, margarine, or cream cheese on toast and bagels. Simply load up room temp or cold butter into the chamber, twist the knob, and watch in awe as ribbons of perfectly spreadable butter fall out the other end. Plus, there are measurement markings on the side of the device to see exactly how much butter you’re using! The polymer and stainless steel construction means it’s meant to last, and so many Amazon shoppers — while recognizing that this is definitely a “nice to have” item — swear by this thing for making their lives just a little bit easier.

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

“This product is delightful. You just screw the butter onto your toast … I can’t tell you how many smiles this product has brought me and others. It’s a conversation piece for sure. Right up there with an automatic pepper mill. Totally unnecessary, totally delightful … It’s a hilarious piece of human ingenuity that will delight you.” — Michaelp 

“OMG! I love this thing! It puts out a wide, thin strip of butter! Need butter for your pan before you cook? On your toast? Your baked potato? This little gadget is the bomb! I leave it next to my stove. Your butter will come out soft and won’t turn rancid provided you use it within a reasonable time and you will once you use this! Top rack dishwasher-safe, too!” — Gigi

“I stumbled on this product after trying several different ways to have fresh butter on my toast in the AM. I tried one of the cute containers only to have the butter mold before the butter was all used. Then I found this wonderful invention. It works like it says. Just twist the knob and cold butter comes out in ribbons of thin butter. No messy melting butter for toast. I love mine and plan on giving them for Christmas gifts this year.” — Donnacdavis

So, say goodbye to the days of trying to spread cold butter over your toast in the morning and snag yourself (or a butter-obsessed loved one!) this Butter Mill ASAP. 

Buy: The Butter Mill, $19.99

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