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Last week, Calvin Klein unveiled a sultry underwear ad starring The Bear’s Jeremy Allen White parkouring around a Manhattan rooftop in his bulging white shorts to the tune of “You Don’t Own Me” before collapsing, spent and sweaty, on a couch as the day turns to dusk and a flock of doves take flight. The public reaction to the ad was pure and universal horniness. Cries of “yes, chef” erupted from all corners of the earth, crowds gathered at the accompanying billboard ad, and perhaps Calvin Klein sold some underwear. And now, one lucky person may soon become the owner of that sweat-drenched couch, able to do with it — and to it — what they will in the privacy of their own home.

Yesterday, Interview Magazine posted a screenshot showing what appeared to be the infamous red corduroy couch listed for $0 on Facebook Marketplace. “Guess what?” The seller, Kate Krupa, wrote in the listing. “I’ve got the hottest seat in town – the legendary red corduroy couch that a famous celebrity chef (in not-so-many clothes) sat on in the commercial everyone’s talking about.” She does not explain how she obtained the couch, or if perhaps Calvin Klein just left it on a roof she has access to. However, Krupa appears to be connected to Mojo Supermarket, a marketing studio that has worked with companies like Match and Adidas. Mojo Supermarket’s Instagram page also posted a screenshot of Krupa’s listing, and a rep from the company tells Eater that this is indeed the couch Jeremy Allen White collapsed onto after a hard day at the chiseled fuckboy factory. They did not immediately respond to follow up questions asking how they got the couch, why it’s listed under someone else’s account, and why it’s still on the market after 18 hours.

So while Eater isn’t able to definitively confirm the legitimacy of the listing, the $0 price tag is really no surprise. As expensive as the city is, it’s a great place to find a deal, as the rich and famous discard their furniture at thrift shops and stoops the same as anyone else (no matter how rich you are, no one in this city has room for superfluous furniture). Once I got an Edwardian-style winged armchair in perfect condition on the Upper East Side after stumbling out of karaoke, and who knows what celebrities may have writhed nude atop it before it came home with me!

Jeremy Allen White just won his second Golden Globe for his role as Carmy in The Bear, and the show’s third season is set to begin shooting soon in Chicago. Perhaps you want to watch it from a new couch?

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