How Restaurant Yuu Blends Japanese Cooking With Classic French Dishes

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From frog coated in puffed rice to turtle soup made with matsutake mushrooms, Restaurant Yuu’s food is like no other

Brooklyn’s Restaurant Yuu was one of the NYC restaurants to receive a Michelin star in 2023 — but instead of resting on their laurels, the team has declared themselves in pursuit of three.

It’s a feat that they hope to accomplish through their dedication to precision and perfection. “The tedious work is our strength,” says chef and owner Yuu Shimano.

Restaurant Yuu is an 18-seat omakase counter that serves a seasonal 20-course tasting menu. Every dish is carefully planned and crafted by Shimano and his team of six chefs: The duck used in the foie gras pie, the meal’s main course, is cooked for exactly 33 minutes and 40 seconds, not a second more or a second less. “It’s a type of art,” says Shimano as he carefully arranges the layers of the pie into a perfect rectangular shape.

Shimano was raised in Japan and applies his Japanese training to classic French dishes, which provides the basis for everything he serves at his restaurant: Recent courses included homemade brioche topped with A5 wagyu and foie gras, frog coated in puffed rice, and suppon (turtle) soup complete with matsutake mushroom.

“Even though it is Western food… everything is made with a thought process of Japanese cooking,” explains Simon Ek, the restaurant’s chef de cuisine. “You don’t waste anything [and are] very respectful of all the ingredients.”

Watch the full video to see how Restaurant Yuu earned one Michelin star and continues to work towards more.

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