How Lure Fishbar Makes a Sesame-Crusted Tuna Salad

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The New York City restaurant goes through as much as 150 pounds of tuna per week

Lure Fishbar serves hundreds of people per night in New York City’s Soho neighborhood. This number of people means the restaurant goes through a large amount of fish, including up to 150 pounds of tuna per week, according to executive chef Preston Clark.

Tuna is used in the tataki, tacos, and in the sesame-crusted tuna salad. The restaurant sources it from the Gulf and butchers it for both the sushi bar and preparations for the kitchen.

For the sesame-crusted tuna salad, Clark begins by rolling the butchered tuna in soy sauce. Then he puts the fish right into the sesame seeds. Once the sesame seeds are on, he cooks the fish in a pan before thinly slicing it. Finally, he plates the dish with butter lettuce, radishes, avocado, and a carrot-ginger dressing.

Clark has a long history with the sesame-crusted tuna salad, which is served on the restaurant’s lunch menu — it’s one of the dishes that he made for his tasting when he was trying out for the executive chef role 10 years ago. “This is exactly how it looked when I made it for my tasting before I took the job,” he says.

Watch the full video to see how Clark and his team make the salad, along with spider roll sushi, daurade, and more.

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