David Kinch’s Manresa Reemerges As a Pop-Up Destination for Michelin-Starred Restaurant Chefs

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Chef David Kinch surprised fans when he decided to close his three-Michelin-starred restaurant Manresa at the end of 2022 after 20 years in service, but now the next evolution of the Los Gatos space has just been revealed. The restaurant will transform into Ritual at Manresa with three-week-long residencies by chefs hailing from Michelin-starred restaurants around the globe.

Slated to begin on January 17, 2024, Kinch is involved with the project as Ritual’s “culinary ambassador,” assembling a stellar — no pun intended — lineup of chefs each month. First on deck is chef Ángel León of three-Michelin-starred Aponiente of Spain, followed by chef Junghyun Park of two-Michelin-starred Atomix in New York for March.

“After over twenty years of devotion to building Manresa, I am thrilled to be a part of its next chapter, joining Ritual at Manresa as its Culinary Ambassador,” Kinch said in a statement. “Ritual at Manresa is the perfect continuation of the legacy of Manresa — moving from a three-star experience to welcoming some of the best chefs in the world, revolving and evolving every month. Ritual at Manresa will be a creative playground for top culinary talent to innovate and create right here in Los Gatos.”

Tickets start at $450 per person with optional wine and nonalcoholic pairings available, with just 48 seats available every evening. Those looking to make this a regular outing throughout the year can splurge on Ritual at Manresa’s membership, which allows subscribers to book any of the dinners throughout 2024, snag last-minute seats, and take part in chef meet-and-greets, as well as reserve the restaurant’s private room, among other features.

Tickets are now live for the Ritual’s first two residencies of the year as of Thursday, December 14.

The Ritual at Manresa lineup for 2024:

  • January: Aponiente, Chef Ángel León (Spain, 3 Michelin Stars)
  • March: Atomix, Chef Junghyun Park (New York, 2 Michelin Stars; World’s Best Top 10)
  • April: D.O.M. Chef Alex Atala (São Paulo, 2 Michelin Stars)
  • May: The Clove Club, Chef Isaac McHale (London, 2 Michelin Stars)
  • June: Odette, Chef Julien Royer (Singapore, 3 Michelin Stars)
  • July: Ikoyi, Chef Jeremy Chan (London, 2 Michelin Stars)
  • August: The Jane Antwerp, Chef Nick Bril (Antwerp, 2 Michelin Stars)
  • September: Lasarte, Chef Paolo Casagrande (Japan, 3 Michelin Stars)
  • November: Chef Paul Liebrandt (New York, Chef of Previous Michelin Starred Restaurants)
  • December: Château de la Chèvre D’Or, Chef Arnaud Faye (Paris, 2 Michelin Stars)

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